We're here to help save lives.

Lifesaver Medicords exists to allow easy consolidation of life saving medical records and fast convenient access in case of an emergency. Medical errors are unfortunate and preventable.

What Does Lifesaver Do?

Whether you are in an emergency or not, medical errors may occur. Our platform gives your physicians the full picture of your health so that they can make the right decisions to provide the best care for you.

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What is our goal?

We're here to make things easier and better. Have your digital health in one place and allow your doctors to access and update them for you — anywhere around the world. Your health, your data, your control.

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Our Promise

Your records and files are yours and yours alone. Lifesaver Medicords do not collect any statistical or other hidden data from or about you. In addition, we employ security measures to protect your files including encrypted connection.

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If you have any concerns, kindly reach out to us.


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