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Features Free Tier Basic Care Super Care

Unique Save Me Code

Cloud Emergency Access

Note To Responders

Personal Profile on the Cloud

Storage Capacity

10 Medical Records
(No Image/File Attachments)

200 MB of Cloud Storage
≈ 250,000 (Diagnosis, Prescriptions, Vaccinations, Procedures, etc.)
≈ 800 Regular File Uploads (Scans, Test Results, Reports)
≈ 100 HD File Uploads (Photos)

1 GB of Cloud Storage
≈ 1,250,000 (Diagnosis, Prescriptions, Vaccinations, Procedures, etc.)
≈ 4,000 Regular File Uploads (Scans, Test Results, Reports)
≈ 500 HD File Uploads (Photos)

Full Access to Lifesaver

Attach Images to Records

Set Privacy and Flag Settings To Each Record

Link Records Together

Download Lifesaver Data Backup File

Import Lifesaver Data Backup File

Manage Personal Doctor List

Allow Other Doctors To Find Your Medical Records Using Your SaveMe Code

Allow Doctors To Suggest Updates To Your Records

Additional Profile Slots

Maximum of 5 Unsubscribed Profiles

Unlimited Subscribed Profiles
+ Maximum 5 Unsubscribed Profiles

Unlimited Subscribed Profiles
+ Maximum 5 Unsubscribed Profiles

Add Additional Emergency Contacts

Primary Emergency Contact Only

Allows Multiple Emergency Contacts

Allows Multiple Emergency Contacts

Emergency Card Credits


Get One (1) Free Card Credit on Your 1st Year Subscription
w/ Free Shipping

Get One (1) Free Card Credit on Your 1st Year Subscription
w/ Free Shipping

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We value our medical professionals

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Features Free Tier

Manage Personal/Professional Schedule

Create Secretary Accounts

Create Personal Prescription Templates

Issue/Print/Download Prescriptions For Your Patients

Add Lifesaver Member Patients To Your Patient List Using Their SaveMe Code

Issue/Propose/Manage Medical Records to Lifesaver Member Patients

Maintain Continuous Access To Updated Medical Records Of Lifesaver Member Patients

Create Non-Member Patient Profiles For Your Patients

Transfer Non-Member Medical Records to Member Profiles

Collaborate w/ Other Medical Professionals By Sharing Doctors Notes With One Another

Manage Issued Invoices On The Cloud

Provide Discount Voucher Codes For Your Patients To Join Lifesaver and Earn Rewards The More Times Your Voucher Is Used!

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