Emergencies can happen anywhere

Be Ready At All Times

How prepared are you in an emergency?. We're here to get you ready. Every subscription includes a free emergency card, with your most crucial health details and emergency contact. The unique SAVEME CODE allows your first responders and medical personnel to access the rest of your medical records.

Get more flexibility and freedom when you need it

You no longer have to stick to your old physicians or wait for them to come back from a vacation just to get your records.

Lifesaver can give your doctors what they need, whenever they need it. Allow your doctors and specialists to share notes and learn more about you outside of their field that might be of importance.

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How Does LifeSaver Work?

Lifesaver Medicords exists to provide an easy solution to allow faster transfer of life saving informations

Step 1

Upon subscription, you will be given a unique alpha-numeric SAVEME CODE

This allows your doctors to identify you on your visits and allow them to review and update your records remotely — even when they are away from their clinic.

Step 2

Update your medical records according to your preference

You may update your records yourself or ask the professionals to update them for you. Simply show your doctors your emergency card and they can use your SAVEME CODE to suggest an update. Then log in anytime to review, accept or reject the suggested updates. You can decide which records you wish to set as private or as public. You may change the privacy settings of any records anytime.

Step 3

We care for you and your family

You may add multiple profiles in your account for your whole family! You may download a backup of your records anytime for each profile. You may use the backups to transfer a profile to another account by importing the backup to the new account.

Step 4

Be ready at all times, we've got you covered

Once you've completed uploading your medical records, you can order your personal emergency card. Make sure that you have uploaded your identification details, emergency contacts, blood type, any allergies, and any critical medical conditions as they will be printed on the card. Your emergency card includes free shipping, just don't forget to sign the back of the card for confirmation and consent.

Step 5

Professionals are updated with your medical records

Your doctors and responders will have access to your medical records using the SAVEME CODE on the card. Don't worry, they won't be able to see what you've set to private!

The LifeSaver emergency card is designed to be visible, horizontally or vertically. We recommend that you keep your emergency card with you at all times.

Step 6

Cancel anytime

If you decide to cancel your profile or account, you'll be given a one month grace period to download your medical records and files before we delete everything. Your records will be conveniently laid out in an excel file, your medical files will be in a zip folder, and a backup file for future import should you wish to subscribe again on Lifesaver.

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